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2nd International Conference on Radiation and Emission in Materials


Bangkok, Thailand

December 15-18, 2019 

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The International Conference on Radiation and Emission in Materials (ICREM) covers the radiation and emission phenomena in its natural combination, in the range from accelerated ionizing particles to THz electromagnetic radiation, building on the similarity of the basic principles and multi-functional applications. The mission of the ICREM is to bring new perspectives to the field of the radiation phenomena in advanced materials by providing a forum for researchers and industrialists for exchanging data and ideas along the following specific tracks:

• Accelerated particle beams
• Fundamentals of light-matter interaction
• Radiation and emission at IR and THz
• Nuclear radiation for smart materials
• Advanced emitting devices
• Plasma Technology
• Photovoltaics

The focus is on advances in fundamental understanding as well as its exploitation in modern instrumentations (scientific, technological, medical, etc) and technologies/ devices.


Format and location

The ICREM series started in 2018 hosted by the Chiang Mai University (ICREM-2018), with a vision to make it to an annual gathering of local and international experts and students in the field.  Teamed with the world renown Thai hospitality and climate, the location of the ICREM is foreseen to remain in Thailand, with the ICREM2019 hosted by the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (TINT), Bangkok.   

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Bangkok, Thailand, December 15-18, 2019